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Letra OSC has been established since 1953 with offices in the Middle East, Europe and North America with a turnover in 2000 over $ 100 M

The main focus of our operations has been implementing Turn key jobs and participating in government inquiries under UN programs and direct government projects in the following Fields :
Water Treatment
Medical Field
Real Estate & Construction
Building Materials Trading
Industrial Projects

Letra OSC has offices and affiliates in Canada, Jordan, Italy, France, Lebanon, Iraq, Russia and Egypt.

Electrical Projects:
The projects that Letra OSC has been awarded in the electricity sector were high-voltage  transmission and distribution of electrical energy.

High-voltage circuit-breakers for voltages of 72.5 to 800 kV 
Surge arresters and limiters for high, medium and low voltages
Transmission lines
Low, medium or high-voltage power systems for  protection of installations and motors
Transformers and generators
Arresters for voltages ranging from 0.4 kV to 800 kV produced for outdoor installation and gas-insulated  switchgear.
Single-phase or three-phase separate-winding MVA
Gas Turbines
Rehabilitation of Power Plant  


Water Treatment Projects :
Letra OSC was also awarded projects of complete water treatment plants such as Reverse Osmosis and Sewage Treatment in the Middle East area.

Agricultural Projects :
Letra OSC has implemented several projects in the agriculture field in Middle East, and has been a distributor of the Sprinkler Irrigation Production line since the year 1990.


The areas covered in Letra OSCís agricultural projects include:
Irrigation systems 
Fully mechanized centre pivot and linear move systems 
Conventional sprinkler irrigation plants 
Fully mechanized centre pivot and linear move systems
Conventional sprinkler irrigation plants 
Product line for slurry treatment and distribution
Complex sprinkler irrigation plants for various types of irrigation systems


Medical Field:
Letra OSC has an office in Lebanon established in 1970 under the name Letra Medical that specializes in the sale and distribution of Medical Supplies, instruments and Equipment to all the hospitals and clinics. 

Real Estate and Construction:
Letra OSC has implemented many real estate projects in Montreal and the Middle East, specifically building, owing, and operating commercial and residential projects.


Building Materials:

Letra OSC has teamed up with various Turkish and Italian manufacturers to supply and execute projects in the Middle East that involved building materials such as Bricks, Marbles facades, and Tiles. 


Communication projects:
We have supplied on a turn key basis a complete TV broadcast Station, and a complete Mobile Radio Network including Repeater stations. 


Industrial Projects:
Letra OSC has executed various industrial projects involving the supply and installation of the following products:
Industrial Washing Machines
PC assembly line
Air Condition Factory
Wrist and desktop watches factory
Textile factory
Sprinkler irrigation production line
Finished and semi-finished lenses